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Currently Reading: Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo

Currently Reading: Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo

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As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman, the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate. Hope is the thing that is left to us, in a bad time. I shall get up Sunday morning and wind the clock, as a contribution to order and steadfastness.

Sailors have an expression about the weather: they say, the weather is a great bluffer. I guess the same is true of our human society – things can look dark, then a break shows in the clouds, and all is changed, sometimes rather suddenly. It is quite obvious that the human race has made a queer mess of life on this planet. But as a people we probably harbor seeds of goodness that have lain for a long time waiting to sprout when the conditions are right. Man’s curiosity, his relentlessness, his inventiveness, his ingenuity have led him into deep trouble. We can only hope that these same traits will enable him to claw his way out.

Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.

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José James & Emily King - Come to My Door

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i romanticize a lot of things, but i’m fairly simple. my demands are logical, my expectations are few.

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But above all, I am terrified of making my mother the villain in my life rather than showing how she has been a victim.

 - Gloria Anzaldúa, La Prieta
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Don’t ever do yourself the disservice of avoiding the truth. Demand that shit, process it, react as you see fit.

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What 25 looks like.

What 25 looks like.

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Anonymous ASKED: You are beautiful, brave, strong and sexy.

I’m coming out of a fog/ extended depressive period and as much as I love this as a standalone compliment, I more so appreciate that I can use it again later as a note-to-self. Thank you.

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"I feel I am never too old to try." @ Lutheran Settlement House.

"I feel I am never too old to try." @ Lutheran Settlement House.

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I’m exhausted.

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Why I Yelled at the Kara Walker Exhibit | The Indypendent 

“You are recreating the very racism this art is supposed to critique,” I yelled. The visitors lowered their cameras. Just seconds ago, they had been aiming their lenses at the sculpture of a 40-foot tall, nude black female sphinx. Many posed under its ass; some laughed and pointed at its vulva. As I watched their joking, my thoughts spun and I walked into the crowd, turned to face them and began yelling.

It wasn’t my rage, it was our rage.

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My politics and habits make me increasingly anxious about functioning in mainstream settings.